• Unai F. Sanabria

PANIC, the original series of Prime Video, CANCELLED ❌

Panic, the drama series based on the eponymous book by Lauren Oliver, follows the story of a small town in Texas where seniors compete in a series of winner-take-all challenges, believing they have a opportunity to escape their town and improve their life. However, this year, a group of students deal with new rules where the money pot is bigger than ever and the game has become even more dangerous. For this reason, the protagonists face their deepest fears and force themselves to decide how much they are willing to risk to win.

Despite this attractive synopsis, Amazon has cancelled the original project because of its luck of audience. Panic was one of Amazon's first series to be expected to be hugely successful, just like The Wilds had back in the day. However, and unlike this one, it has not. A pity...

Now we will have to wait for their next original project, which should be the reboot of 'I'll always know what you did last summer'.

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